About LightCastle

LightCastle Consulting is a SWaM certified development shop; our team has decades of shared experience in infrastructure, administration, and software development.

We focus on business processes and integration, and know how to make the arcane accessible—effectively bridging the gap between vital business processes and technology. Our team of professionals offers a portfolio of experience in both up-and-coming regional businesses, as well as established international companies.

LightCastle was founded in the spirit of developing and supporting Open Source technologies. We delight in making computers do useful, whimsical things while providing practical IT solutions that expedite business goals for our clients.

Core Competencies

  • Architecture (REST, SAAS, distributed systems)
  • Programming (Ruby, JavaScript, Python)
  • Cloud computing (Amazon Web Sevices, Linode, Digital Ocean )
  • Linux administration (Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, SUSE)
  • Systems monitoring (Nagios, Cacti, OSSEC)
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment automation (Jenkins, Chef, Capistrano)

Why “LightCastle”?

Our company name was inspired by the son of two of LightCastle’s founders, who after one summer getaway (that included the New Point Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay) independently conjured up the concept of the LightCastle: part church, castle, and lighthouse.

A LightCastle.

The idea of a LightCastle really sparks our imagination—it’s a place where ideas are born and ventures are manifest. It’s where we do our best work. We hope you’ll join us there.