Josh Johnson – Consulting Engineer



Josh began his technological interests as a teenager in video arcades when he became fascinated with how the consoles worked.  Once he acquired his first computer, a Commodore 64, he found he could play quality gaming titles without having to feed it hard-earned quarters from mowing lawns.  A 300-baud modem connecting to bulletin boards opened a world of fun and learning. He was hooked.  Faster modems and faster computers were the norm from that point on.

After brief careers in both law enforcement and electrical contracting, Josh began writing scripts to automate legal copy editing processes.  He garnered the attention of IT management who tapped him for a junior programmer position.  From there, he advanced to help desk, followed by network and system administration, security analysis, and then into IT management positions, where he rose to the senior level.

Josh has supported over 40 staff in network, server, database, contact center systems, application support, and enterprise security teams, and worked to define corporate cloud strategies, IT information security programs, data center design, construction and relocation, along with service desk and change management processes.  He has also managed IT infrastructures for both a company acquisition and a carve-out into two separate publicly traded companies.

Josh joined LightCastle in February 2017 as a consulting engineer, where he offers clients a broad range of progressive experience planning and implementing operational improvements and IT Infrastructure solutions.