Kendal Miller – Software Engineer

Kendal Miller
From Web applications to chicken coops, Kendal Miller loves to build. He began his love affair with technology at a young age, writing bots to kick people off their AOL connections. He grew into more reputable programmatic endeavors, eventually studying computer science and telecommunications in college. He comes to LightCastle by way of Rosetta Stone, where he worked with the product development team on applications like TOTALe and ReFLEX — online communities for Rosetta Stone software users.

Kendal has recently served as the technical lead for LightCastle’s contributions to, an open-source, nonprofit project that aims to make charitable giving an easier, more social activity. While working on that project, he also contributed patches to the Ruby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database, a nosql solution to tracking relationship in a database. He has also recently taken on responsibility for code merges for one of LightCastle’s clients. He is proficient with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Apache, Passenger and other system administration.

Kendal graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in telecommunications in 2008. When not coding, Kendal can probably be found playing computer games or playing with his SPCA-adopted dog, Sammy.

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