LightCastle Joins 1 Million for Work Flexibility


LightCastle is proud to announce its support of the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement, and we are committed to helping inspire, educate, lead, mobilize, and support workers and companies on the benefits of work flexibility.  Flexibility has been a core part of LightCastle’s culture since the very beginning.  After more than a decade of corporate life, I was acutely aware that flexibility is something many workers do not have access to.  My goal when founding LightCastle was to create an environment where each person could work in the way that they were most innovative, productive, and fulfilled.  When it was time to grow LightCastle beyond its founders, a lot of discussion and thought went into what the work environment would be like.  With the services we offer, there is no “the door opens for customers at 10”, so we would not be tied to a specific schedule.  What we decided to offer was:

  • 1MFWF-logo_largerMost team members would be paid on an hourly basis.
  • Hourly pay rates would be determined by the yearly full time market rate, divided by 1664 hours.
  • Full time employment would be 1664 hours a year, which equates to 32 hours a week.
  • Part time employment would be 31 hours and less.
  • Health, dental, and life insurance would be offered to all employees working more than 25 hours a week.
  • LightCastle pays 100% of the insurance premiums for full time employees, and 50% of eligible part time employees.
  • Contract workers are welcome to join our team.
  • Our office space would be located in a downtown area with great restaurants and coffee, furnished with comfortable furniture to give us a place to work together.
  • No office hours would be set and all team members would decide if and when they would like to work from the office.

People have said we are crazy, and that there was no way this model would work.  Everyone at LightCastle disagrees, and with our third anniversary coming up in August, we have a track record to prove it.

We love work flexibility for many reasons including the ability to:

  • Volunteer during normal business hours.
  • Take care of an errand during the day and not feel penalized.
  • Set a schedule that makes sense for us and the customers we are working with, giving us a sense of empowerment.
  • Stay home with a sick child, throw a load of laundry in the washer, and work in the late evening.
  • Take part in our children’s field trips.
  • Work from anywhere with a good internet connection.
  • Finally feel like the quality of our work matters more than what we’re wearing and how many hours we are in the office.

Living our lives with workplace flexibility has made us passionate supporters of it.  If you aren’t in a flexible job right now, you can be an agent for change in your company, or find a company that does support your needs.  The flexibility movement is winning more supporters every day!