Ruby on Rails

The Future of Ruby, RubyNation 2013

Ruby is growing up.  Never was this more evident than at the recent 2013 RubyNation conference in Maryland. Two things delighted me.  The first was the […]

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Ruby on Rails Documentation Screenshot

Five Principles to Good Documentation Writing (Good Documentation Series)

The last time you guys heard from me, I was griping about the lack of good documentation out there. So in an effort not to be […]

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LightCastle - Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, First 30 minutes

Like many people I rushed out and purchased a Raspberry Pi when I heard all the hubub and started seeing the amazing projects come out online.   […]

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Campfire Chat – for Devs, SAs, and the People who put up with them

My first experience with 37 Signals Campfire product was on a fast moving development project with a hard deadline and  a gazillion geographically distant people working […]

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