Our Process

At LightCastle, how we conduct ourselves is as important as the work we do.  Our business is never run at the expense of integrity or common decency.

We believe it is essential that you come to the table with questions, leave with answers, and always have the information you need to make the right business decisions for your organization.

The Hiring Process

  • Review your needs (scope, timing, goals, etc.) and match relevant resources.
  • Set hourly rate (based on project length, expertise needed, and special requirements).
  • Define and finalize statement of work and contract (yours or ours).
  • Get started.

Working With Us

At LightCastle, we are fervent believers in agile development, real transparency, and collaboration with clients. While every project and client is different, our working and client-interaction methodologies are guided by a few simple principles:

  • Honesty: There is no more important value in business. Our word really is our bond—you will never have to wonder if we are being straight with you.
  • Transparency: You will always know where you stand, whether on costs and timing or processes or problem resolution.
  • Collaboration: Unlike a lot of IT folks, we know our clients are just as smart as we are—we look forward to working together to match your ideas with our skills to deliver the best products and services possible.